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Shift Guidelines

Last updated: 18 May 2023, 9.16pm (AEST)

DeliveryTasker (hereafter referred to as the App, Platform, We, Our, Us, DeliveryTasker) offers flexible earning opportunities for independent delivery contractors (hereafter referred to as Taskers, You). To ensure that this flexibility is not abused and to create a respectful, professional and positive environment for all users (businesses and Taskers) on our Platform, these guidelines ("Guideline") and other policies must be followed at all times.

As with most other mobile apps, do note that when you download and install DeliveryTasker in your mobile device and/or use or access our website, you acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in our Policies. Where a defined term is referenced and the definition is not contained within this policy, then the definition of the defined term can be found in the DeliveryTasker Glossary ("Glossary"). Policies include the following and other rules and guidelines that are displayed in the DeliveryTasker mobile phone application:

Note that "we", "us", "our" and "DeliveryTasker" are used interchangeably in the above documents and they refer collectively to the DeliveryTasker mobile phone application (including its websites) and VoxSpot Pty Ltd, the developer and owner of the DeliveryTasker mobile phone application and websites.

In the event that there is a conflict between this Guideline and the Service Agreement including its appendices, the terms in the Service Agreement will prevail.



i) When you accept a Shift in the Platform, the Shift may be assigned to you immediately. If assigned a Shift, you will receive a notification in the app that confirms the assignment of the Shift.


ii) Each time you accept a Shift, you enter into a Service Agreement with the business that posted the Shift (Shift Owner). As part of the Service Agreement, you will provide Services that you offer in your Quote.



i) When you submit a Quote for a Shift, you are expected to uphold the price, services and start time that you have offered in your Quote.


ii) Your Quoted rate is only effective when:

a. Your Quote is accepted by the Shift Owner; and

b. You accept the Shift before the Quote expires.


iii) If your Quote is accepted, you will receive a notification in the App informing you that your Quote has been accepted for the Shift. The notification will tell you that your Quote has been accepted and will include your accepted Quoted rate and details of the Shift. You must then promptly confirm acceptance of the Shift using the App before the Quote expires.


iv) If the Shift is taken by other Taskers before your Quote is accepted or before you confirm acceptance of the Shift, then you will not be able to accept the Shift.



i) Every Shift has its unique requirements. These requirements are published in in the App together with each Shift. Before a Tasker quotes for each Shift, the Tasker must read, understand and confirm that they can satisfy the requirements of each Shift including but not limited to the skills, experience, tools, equipment, certifications and insurance that are necessary to perform the services offered in your Quote.

ii) Failure to meet the requirements of a Shift that you apply for is a breach of the Policies. You will not be able to receive any payments for your services and/or time if you are unable to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for the Shift before the Shift starts. You may also face account suspension.

iii) You must also meet all the requirements of the Policies.


i) After you have accepted a Shift, you must arrive at the Shift venue before the Shift starts and check-in the Shift with the App before the Shift start time. You may check-in the Shift with the App no earlier than 15 minutes before the Shift starts.


ii) You will not be able to check-in a Shift without GPS enabled in your mobile phone.


iii) You must be physically at the Shift venue in order to check-in the Shift with the App.


iv) Late check-ins may result in a reduction of your Shift payment. You may still be subjected to a payment reduction if you checked-in with the App on time, but only arrived in the store or engaged the staff at the store at a later time.


v) There is no adjustment to your Shift payment for checking in earlier than the Shift start time.



If you are going to be late for a Shift, you must notify the Shift Owner as soon as possible by sending the Shift Owner a message using the App and letting the Shift Owner know your estimated time of arrival. When you are late, the total hourly payment of your Shift are automatically reduced accordingly.



i) When you are given an item to deliver, you must use the App to post a task for the delivery. This must be done at the time the items were given to you.


ii) Once you arrive at the drop off address of the delivery, you must update the task using the App.


iii) Before you hand over the delivery item(s) to the recipient, you must use the App to take a photo of the items with the drop off location in the background, then submit the photo using the App to complete the delivery.


When there are issues with a delivery order or customer, always try to contact the Shift Owner in the first instance to try to resolve the issue. If you are unable to reach the Shift Owner or resolution cannot be reached, give us a call and we will provide advice and/or recommendations for the next steps.


This includes (but not limited to):

i) Attempts to avoid, refuse or delay providing shift services.

ii) Attempts to damage or misappropriate items that the Shift Owner has assigned to you for delivery.

iii) Attempts to quit the Shift after it has started without a valid reason. A Valid Reason includes:

a. Vehicle breakdown (proof of incident is required e.g. a dated invoice from the mechanic); or

b. Health issue (medical certificate is required)

iv) Attempts to disrupt or damage the business operations and/or properties of the Shift Owner.

v) Attempts to cause hurt or damage to the recipients of the delivery items.


When Foul Play becomes evident through a report by the Shift Owner or when detected by us, the funds in your account will be frozen and your account will be temporarily suspended until our investigation is completed. DeliveryTasker reserves the right to apply the funds in your account to make good any damage or harm to the Shift Owner, Shift Owner’s business operations and recipients of the delivery items during the Shift.


i) If you are unable to attend a Shift that you have applied for, you must quit the Shift using the App as soon as possible.


ii) Quitting a Shift within 24 hours before the Shift starts will attract penalties. These penalties are updated from time to time. You will be required to read and confirm your acceptance of the penalties in the App before you quote for or accept a Shift. Finally, you will also be required to read and confirm in the App  that you accept the penalties before you quit a Shift.


ii) Leaving or quitting a Shift after it has started will result in zero payments for your Shift, unless there are valid reasons. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no pro-rata, or time adjusted payments when you quit a Shift after the Shift has started. An exception applies when there is a Valid Reason. See section on Foul Play for more information on what is considered a Valid Reason.


iv) You can avoid the penalties for quitting a Shift by providing evidence of a Valid Reason and sending them to


Once you have checked in a Shift, you must complete the full Shift in accordance with the Policies and Service Agreement. Leaving or quitting a Shift after you have started the Shift violates the Policies and Service Agreement. Your payment for the entire Shift will be reduced to nil if you leave or quit a Shift before the Shift is completed.


An exception applies when you have to leave or quit a Shift as a result of a Valid Reason (see section on Foul Play) or when both you and Shift Owner have reached a mutual agreement to terminate the Shift early and adopt either an adjusted or full payment for the Shift.


If a Shift goes over time, you can request for an extension of the Shift to receive payments for the additional time you have offered your services using the following procedure:


i) You must discuss with the Shift Owner in good faith and seek mutual agreement from the Shift Owner before you commence your services beyond the original Shift finishing time. Once a mutual agreement is reached, you can request for the Shift extension using the App.

ii) Shift extension payments are calculated using the same rates as the payments for the original Shift. For the avoidance of doubt, if your Shift is based on your Quoted rates, the same will apply for the Shift extension payments.

iv) Shift extension payments are credited to your account within 24 hours after you have created a request for shift extension in your App.



i) All payments for a Shift are made through the App only.


ii) Payments for a Shift will be credited to your account in the App a few minutes after you have completed a Shift. An exception applies if you still have deliveries that are outstanding for your Shift – the payments for the Shift will be delayed until those deliveries are completed.


iii) If there are petrol credits or incentive fee per delivery for your Shift, these amounts will be credited to your account separately and in real time as you complete each delivery during the Shift.


iv) You may cash out the credits in your App to your designated bank account anytime using the App.


DeliveryTasker offers once-off bonuses to Taskers from time to time. Each bonus has its own unique requirements. Details of those requirements are announced through emails, app notifications and/or mobile phone text messages. Bonus amounts announced or displayed are GST inclusive if you are registered for GST.

14. GST & TAX

All rates displayed and quoted in the App are already inclusive of GST. We do not mandate registration of GST for Taskers – this is solely based on your own individual circumstances. Please refer to the relevant regulatory body in the country that you are using DeliveryTasker for more information. As an example, if you are using DeliveryTasker in Australia, please refer to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website for more details regarding your own tax obligations.


To quote for any Shifts or earn on the Platform, you:

i) must be a valid independent contractor with a business tax number (e.g. in Australia, you must have an Australian Business Number ‘ABN’ and be registered as a Sole Trader);


ii) must declare your GST registration in the App when prompted in the App. Your GST registration status and business tax number (e.g. ABN) will be applied to the invoices sent by DeliveryTasker to the Shift Owners on your behalf.


iii) are solely and fully responsible for reporting and managing your own GST, income tax withholding and other tax related obligations in relation to the payments you receive through the Platform. DeliveryTasker does not withhold any tax from the payments you receive.


If there are any disagreements between you and the Shift Owner that cannot be resolved amicably, you can contact us for assistance. The Service Agreement contains terms that each user of the Platform must oblige in the event of a disagreement.


If an incident occurs during your Shift, you must firstly notify the Shift Owner, then contact us. Examples of incidents include (but not limited to):


i) You were involved in a car accident during the Shift or on the way to a Shift;


ii) You suffered injuries during a Shift;


iii) You injured someone during a Shift;


iv) You damaged the delivery items during the Shift; or


v) You suffered abuse, threats or any other wrongful treatment during a Shift.

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