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Stripe Bank Account Registration

Last updated: 18 May 2023, 9.16pm (AEST)

These are some common issues encountered when registering your bank details with Stripe on the DeliveryTasker App.

Stripe registration (business details)

When filling in the section on business details:

1) you must select “Individual / Sole Trader” as the business type (any other type won’t be accepted).

2) use your own name as the business name. This should match your name in your ABN records.

If you need to amend errors in your Stripe registration details, simply go to the Cash Out screen in the app, then go to ‘Continue Bank Registration’.

Stripe registration (photo ID)

Another common cause of rejection is when the name and date of birth on the Photo ID that you submitted to Stripe do not match the name and date of birth that you entered in your Stripe account personal details. If there is an error with your Stripe registration, check that the information matches.

Existing Stripe Account

If you have an existing Stripe account that you would like to connect to DeliveryTasker, follow the instructions below:

1) If you’re logged into your existing Stripe account, you must first log out of your Stripe account.

2) Then go into the main menu of the DeliveryTasker app, select Cash Out. On the Cash Out screen, go to the section that says Register Bank Details. When you tap that section, it will redirect you to the Stripe login website. Log in to your existing Stripe account there, then follow the prompts.

Changing bank account numbers

If you’ve successfully registered your bank account with Stripe through the DeliveryTasker App before and now wish to change your bank account number, you will need to visit, then login to your Stripe account there. Once you’ve logged in to your Stripe account on the Stripe website, you can change your bank details from the sub menu of the Stripe Dashboard (view a screenshot below).

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