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Pizza Robots | DoorDash Customer Refunds & Disputes

Recently we started following a Pizza Restaurant Owner / Tech & Logistics Entrepreneur on LinkedIn by the name of Andrew Simmons in the US.


He founded and sold two delivery / logistics company and subsequently started a Pizza Restaurant and created tech / robotics to help with the pizza making. He currently runs his Pizza Restaurant chain with pizza robots that he created. He focuses on using technology and AI to help his restaurant business.


Andrew spoke about Doordash recently, particularly on the problems he faces with customer error refunds and merchant's ability to dispute. Some of the top challenges he mentioned:

  • Doordash limits the number of self disputes a restaurant owner can initiate with each customer error charge / refund.

  • Doordash couldn't provide detail on exactly what's missing in the order sometimes but refunds 25% of the total order to the customer.

  • Restaurant can block a bad dasher from coming back but cannot ban a bad customer.

  • Andrew reckons the prudent thing to do is stop using Doordash but Doordash brings him a substantial amount of business.

  • Andrew referenced an acquaintance who operates 21 Taco Bell restaurants with about $2 million a month revenue from DoorDash but had $100K a month in in food theft refunds facilitated by 3rd party delivery channels.

  • Andrew also mentioned he tried using tech such as Voosh for dispute management and video AI of order inspection like Gritsee, however DoorDash won’t accept proof of completeness.


DeliveryTasker is a delivery driver platform where restaurant owners can hire food or pizza delivery contractors for 2 hours or more, paying them a combination of hourly rate plus a small delivery fee, to deliver just for the restaurant.

DeliveryTasker is frequently used by restaurant owners who choose the self-delivery options on Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash to reduce their commissions by over 50%.

Restaurant owners typically hire their own food and pizza delivery contractors to give them more control over their delivery times, improving customer satisfaction.

By taking advantage of the high delivery order volumes from third-party delivery apps like Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash, restaurant owners can hire a delivery contractor on an hourly rate to run orders for their own online ordering website, phone orders and orders from Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash. This helps to spread the hourly delivery cost across more orders, keeping cost per delivery low.


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