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DoorDash Introduces AI and Agent-Powered Phone / Voice Ordering Technology for Restaurant Merchants

One of the world's biggest third-party food aggregator platform Doordash has recently introduced artificial intelligence (AI) powered phone ordering technology for its restaurant merchants.

DoorDash announced its development of voice ordering capabilities incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), building on its existing model leveraging best-in-class agents, to further support restaurant operations. The cost-efficient innovation will enable select operators the potential to increase their sales by answering all calls and pursuing incremental revenue opportunities, while providing an excellent end-to-end customer experience.


According to DoorDash, 50% of customer calls are left unanswered. Coupling AI with live agents ensures customer calls will be answered with little to no wait, enabling operators to capture the unmet customer demand. By leveraging technology and DoorDash’s database of menu, customers will be provided with customised recommendations to increasing overall ticket sizes by targeted upselling.


During peak times at restaurants, AI will answer calls allowing employees to focus on serving in-store customers.


We think AI powered phone ordering is definitely useful for restaurants who are still receiving phone orders. However, in the longer term, we expect phone orders to phase out as online technology continues to make leaps and bounds.


DeliveryTasker is a delivery driver platform where restaurant owners can hire food or pizza delivery contractors for 2 hours or more, paying them a combination of hourly rate plus a small delivery fee, to deliver just for the restaurant.

DeliveryTasker is frequently used by restaurant owners who choose the self-delivery options on Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash to reduce their commissions by over 50%.

Restaurant owners typically hire their own food and pizza delivery contractors to give them more control over their delivery times, improving customer satisfaction.

By taking advantage of the high delivery order volumes from third-party delivery apps like Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash, restaurant owners can hire a delivery contractor on an hourly rate to run orders for their own online ordering website, phone orders and orders from Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash. This helps to spread the hourly delivery cost across more orders, keeping cost per delivery low.


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