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🎊 Commission free online food delivery for restaurants 🍕🛵

It took them less than 1 hour ⏳ to create their in-house food delivery team


7-days a week direct phone, text and in-app messaging support for restaurants.

Money-back guarantee.

Delivery driver hires per month

Business locations per account

Free online ordering website (OPTIONAL)^

🎉 Free

0 / mth


no credit card required




👍 Regular

119 / mth


no credit card required




🔥 Frequent


269 / mth



no credit card required




*Promotional price for Frequent Plan is only available for new restaurant merchant partners. Promotional price lasts for lifetime until you unsubscribe or fail to make a subscription payment.

^Optional free online ordering website. Learn more about features available for our free online ordering and delivery website here

Prices displayed are GST inclusive and they include direct access to our network of over 25,000 food and pizza delivery contractors. They do not include payments to delivery drivers. Check the FAQ below for more information on payments to delivery drivers.


  • Do restaurant merchants pay any other service fees, set up fees, cancellation fees or long term contracts for the online ordering website?
    No, as a restaurant merchant partner, you won't be paying any other fees for the online ordering website except for what's stated and displayed on our website. Our pricing is fully transparent with no surprises. DeliveryTasker does not charge restaurant merchant partners for any set up, cancellation and we do not require you to enter into long term contracts. You can deactivate your online ordering website anytime.
  • Do my customers who order from my online website need to pay any extra fees?
    Just like other online platforms, your customers will pay the standard credit card fees directly (merchants are not required to pay this fee). Under the Free tier, customers who purchase from your website will be directly paying DeliveryTasker a small flat service fee of $1.10 (in addition to standard credit card fee) for each order processed.
  • Which online ordering Plan should I choose for my restaurant?
    If you are just starting deliveries for your restaurant and unsure of delivery volumes, you should go for the Free Plan. It gives you the option to either use your own delivery staff or use our white-label flat fee (zero commission) pay-per-delivery drivers (sourced via Doordash Drive). After a month, you should be able to ascertain your delivery volumes and upgrade if needed. We can also help you divert your Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash customers to our online ordering website. ​ If you already know your delivery volumes (> 100 per month), and would like to manage and control your own delivery drivers and process, then you should go for the Unlimited plan. It gives you the option to easily and quickly (same-day, on-demand) hire extra delivery drivers to boost your in-house delivery team. If you need private delivery contractors to deliver just for your restaurant only for 2 ~ 4 hours, DeliveryTasker's hourly-hired food and pizza delivery driver network would be perfect for you. ​ If you prefer not to manage or hire your own delivery staff or contractors, you should go for the Infinite Plan. This plan includes delivery drivers, meaning DeliveryTasker will run all deliveries that come through our online ordering website. You pay 0% commission, zero delivery fees. We'll manage the entire delivery process and source delivery drivers for you with no additional cost to you.
  • What's the difference between DeliveryTasker's delivery network and other third-party platforms?
    DeliveryTasker's delivery drivers are hourly-paid, hourly-hired delivery contractors who deliver only for one restaurant each shift. Each shift usually lasts for 2 ~ 4 hours. This gives restaurants better control over delivery times and delivery standards. Most restaurants prefer to lend the delivery drivers restaurant branded pizza or thermal bags to ensure consistent delivery standards. Drivers would then return the bags to the restaurant at the end of the shift. Drivers' ratings and earnings are dependent on their performance and ratings provided by each restaurant. The drivers are usually paid a combination of an hourly rate + small delivery fee to help cover their petrol and incentivise them to deliver more per hour. Drivers pay a penalty fee or get removed from the platform if they display unprofessional behaviour or receive poor ratings. The drivers also offer extra services to the restaurants such as folding takeaway boxes, drying cutleries and other simple store duties.
  • Do DeliveryTasker's restaurant merchants need to pay delivery fees / driver payments?
    Delivery fees are generally paid by your customers to you (as a restaurant, you set the delivery fees and radius). You can either use your own delivery staff and provide delivery tracking for your customers using our system, or you can hire and pay for delivery drivers. If you need food delivery contractors, you have 2 options: 1) Use the on-demand pay-per-delivery drivers (0% commission, flat fee service) or 2) For a more tailored and better delivery experience, hire same-day food delivery contractors from DeliveryTasker's network of food and pizza delivery contractors (over 25,000 users across Australia). If you choose Option 2, you can pay an hourly rate to have food and pizza delivery contractors deliver ONLY for your restaurant. They can also deliver your phone orders and your orders from Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash. Food and pizza delivery drivers from DeliveryTasker's network also offer free extra services such as folding takeaway boxes, drying cutleries and other simple store duties.
  • Is your free tier for Online Ordering Website really free?
    Yes, merchants pay $0 fees (no per order fees, no commissions, no set up fees, no services fees... etc) for online orders. Your customers will only need to pay the standard credit card transaction fees like most other platforms plus a small flat service fee of $1.10. You can either use your own delivery staff or our delivery driver network. Driver fees are charged separately and depends on which option you choose. All delivery fees are flat fees (no commissions).
  • How does DeliveryTasker divert a restaurant merchant partner's customers from Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash to the restaurant merchant partner's own online ordering website?
    DeliveryTasker will design and print tailored marketing messages on printed flyers and include a special QR code that will enable your customers to easily find and order from your website. Once it's ready, we'll send it you via postal mail. All you need to do is to slip a flyer into every Ubereats, Menulog and Doordash order bag before you hand it to the delivery person. And yes this is a completely free service, you don't have to pay a single cent for any of this. Everything is paid for by DeliveryTasker.
  • Can I just use DeliveryTasker's hourly-hired delivery driver network without the online ordering website?
    Yes. To access DeliveryTasker's delivery network without our online ordering website, please refer to pricing here.
  • What does the "free marketing to drive sales .." in the Unlimited and Infinite plans include?
    Every month, we'll run paid-marketing ads (e.g. facebook ads, instagram ads, google ads) to drive sales to your online ordering website. If you are running your own special campaigns, we might even coordinate with you to include your campaign into our paid ads. This service is completely free. You don't have to commit any budget or spend time on this at all. Everything, including ad spending, is paid for by DeliveryTasker.
  • What about credit card fees for the online ordering website?
    Like most other online ordering system for restaurants, credit card fees for each online order is paid directly by the consumer / your customer (not restaurant merchant). DeliveryTasker uses Stripe to process all payments securely online. They charge 1.75% + 30 cents for each credit card transaction.
  • How do I access my menu and orders for my online ordering website?
    Restaurant merchants can access the menu and orders via the internet either using your own tablet or just any computer or lap top that has an internet browser.
  • How much do the hourly hired delivery contractors from DeliveryTasker's network usually cost?
    DeliveryTasker's network of hourly hired food and pizza delivery contractors runs on a real time quote-based system. This means that once you've posted a shift (e.g. say a 3-hr job from 5pm ~ 8pm) on the DeliveryTasker mobile app, you will receive real time quotes from multiple delivery contractors who are available. You can choose which quote to accept based on ratings, extra services provided by each driver and their experience. Rates quoted by the drivers are usually a combination of an hourly rate + a small delivery fee. Quotes vary based on factors like location, weather, days and times of your shift. The average hourly rates range between $24 ~ $30 per hour (usually plus a small delivery fee, say $0.50 ~ $2.00). Merchants can post a shift as late as 1 hour before they need a driver.
  • Do restaurant merchants pay any commission fees on orders received on DeliveryTasker's online ordering website or orders delivered by DeliveryTasker delivery contractors?
    No they don't. DeliveryTasker's restaurant merchant partners pay 0% commission.
  • How do I get started with DeliveryTasker's online ordering website and delivery service?
    Tap on the "Register Interest", email your contact details directly to or send us a message below.

no credit card required

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