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Private Temp Shift Delivery Drivers for Restaurants 🛵 🍕🍔🍣🍜

STEP 1: On the day you need an in-house food or pizza delivery driver, post a shift on the DeliveryTasker mobile app ⏳.

Tailored food delivery service with drivers delivering only for your restaurant

STEP 2Receive quotes from thousands of food and pizza delivery contractors near you 🛵. 

Tip: choose a food delivery driver based on price, rating, vehicle type, experience and extra services (e.g. help fold takeaway boxes when no deliveries).

STEP 3: Provide tailored delivery instructions to your in-house food delivery driver at the start of the shift (e.g. make sure food is handed directly to customer, collect cash from customer etc) 🔥.

Tip: you can assign them any delivery orders you want (e.g. from your own website, from Ubereats, Menulog, Doordash or phone orders).

STEP 4: Your food and pizza delivery driver will log each delivery in their own delivery driver app 📲.

Tip: you can track the real time status of each delivery using DeliveryTasker's mobile app. Photo evidence is provided for each delivery.

STEP 5: At the end of each Shift, you will receive an invoice 🧾.

Tip: payment is automatically transferred from your app account to the food delivery driver's account. You can rate your delivery driver's service, black list them or add them to your list of preferred delivery drivers using the DeliveryTasker app. 

On-demand in-house food delivery service in Australia

Trusted and used by online food delivery focused restaurants across Australia

Why online food delivery focused restaurants & franchisees love us 🤍🤍🤍

“DeliveryTasker has helped us solve staff shortage and increased our delivery revenue .”

John, Restaurant Owner, La Sera Pizza Pasta

What is DeliveryTasker?


DeliveryTasker is food delivery service based in 🇦🇺 Australia with over 100,000 on-demand food and pizza delivery drivers available for same-day food delivery jobs (minimum 2 hours) ✌️.


Restaurants who urgently need in-house food or pizza delivery drivers use DeliveryTasker's mobile app to get a food delivery driver to their restaurant (usually within 1 hour).

The food delivery driver works for the restaurant for the length of the hours booked by the restaurant. They use their own vehicles and provide services such food delivery drop offs, help with work like folding takeaway boxes, drying and polishing cutleries and more.

Better online food delivery service leads to more sales 📈

Commission free in-house food delivery drivers gives your restaurant better online food delivery times and more control over delivery service standards.


Gain happier customers 🫶, better google ratings and more online food delivery sales. 

better online food delivery service with in-house food delivery drivers

Join DeliveryTasker's 🧑‍🍳 Local Restaurant Owner Community 🇦🇺

Join other restaurant owners across Australia in DeliveryTasker's facebook group.

Chat about restaurant strategies, review and rate restaurant technology, bitch 😆 about Uber Eats, Menulog and Doordash and hear us share the latest news and memes in the industry.

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