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Bonus $300 NSW

Last updated: 22 Jul 2024, 04.02pm (AEST)

Complete 12 Shifts in any of the following NSW suburbs between Fri, 28 Jun 2024 ~ 31 Aug 2024 (the 'Campaign Period') to receive a once-off bonus of $300 credit in the app. 

1) Shifts in ALL NSW suburbs are included in this campaign, except for Wollongong.

2) Only applicable for Taskers in NSW.

3) You must not quit any shifts that you signed up to during the Campaign Period

4) Failure to turn up to any shifts that you have signed up to (even if you have not quit the shift in the app) will result in your account being suspended and you will not be entitled to the bonus.

5) Only shifts completed during the Campaign Period will be counted.

6) For the avoidance of doubt, shift extensions are not counted as a separate shift.

7) You must not receive a rating of less than 3 for any of the shifts completed during the Campaign Period

8) Bonus of $300 will be credited to your Delivery Tasker app after all conditions above are met.
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