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Affiliate Sales Partner Program

Last updated: 21 Oct 2023, 18.30pm (AEST)

Join DeliveryTasker's Affiliate Sales Partner Program and earn $300 for each successful sales!


Do you know many restaurant owners in Australia?

Do you know or have an online blog, instagram or facebook page with many audience who are restaurant owners in Australia?

Do you regularly travel to restaurants?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, then you could be earning extra thousands of dollars each month by being an Affiliate Sales Partner with DeliveryTasker.


Step 1:

Get your referral code from the DeliveryTasker app:

Tap on the bright orange / red share icon on any of the shifts, follow the prompts until you see your referral code, then copy and paste your referral code to somewhere in your phone where you have easy access.

Step 2:

Start spreading the word:

Whenever you meet a restaurant owner, tell them about how DeliveryTasker works and convince them to download the DeliveryTasker app and register as a Restaurant Owner (business account). At this stage, it's very important for you to give them your referral code. The Restaurant Owner will need to enter your referral code when they are registering their account the first time. If they don't use your referral code, we can't attribute any sales to you.

Step 3:

Restaurant uses the app:

Once the restaurant owner registers an account on the DeliveryTasker app, they can easily post shifts on DeliveryTasker and be entitled to a 14-day free trial on the app.

Step 4:

Making the sale:

After the 14-day free trial, the restaurant owner would need to pay a monthly fee to continue using the DeliveryTasker app. When the restaurant owner makes the first monthly fee payment, you will receive a once-off $300 credit in the app that you can cash out from the app.

Terms & Conditions

1. You must have a valid DeliveryTasker app account to participate in this affiliate sales program.

2. In order to cash out from the app, you must complete your verification in the app (this can wait until you have received the $300 credit. You don't have to verify your account now unless you plan to take up shifts).

3. The $300 credit is only attributed to you if the restaurant uses your referral code.

4. You can only receive the $300 credit once for each new restaurant.

5. DeliveryTasker reserves all rights to change or cancel this affiliate sales program at any time, and withhold any credits from you if you are found to engage in fraudulent or dishonest activities to make a sale.

6. You may message us via the DeliveryTasker app if you have any queries.

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